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The new version of Fonditos is every day closer

Written in August 11th, 2008, by Victor

First of all, our apologies to everyone for the delay of the new version and for the few information of this last period. Honestly, the new version of Fonditos has been a complete challenge for our Company, since we have been introducing many ideas and applying all our knowledge in this new version.

We don't dare to give an official date for its launching, but we do promise to keep you informed about the advances.

In the group of Fonditos in Facebook we published, for the most impatient, some pictures of how is this new version looking.

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CONTEST: 300 USD for the person who designs the best wallpapers!

Written in December 17th, 2007, by Victor

Fonditos is finding the best wallpapers! so, we are inviting you to design yours.

We are receiving yours wallpapers until January 31, 2008. Our team is choosing the final contestants and the winner will be chosen by all users of the Fonditos website

The winner will get $300 and the chance to see his or her own design on a privileged place in Fonditos website for a month!

The only requirement is a resolution of more than 1024x768 pixels and don't forget to name your design!

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TV Series wallpapers

Written in October 7th, 2007, by Victor

We have just created a new wallpapers category, TV Series wallpapers.

The main idea was to separate the wallpapers related to Movies from the TV Series wallpapers ;) Enjoy!

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Comments that dissapear from Fonditos

Written in September 27th, 2007, by Victor

During the last few days we have been working in the server, which has cause the elimination of some comments from the site. the bright side is that these changes should allow the site to run faster.

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New sub-category, parrot wallpapers

Written in September 5th, 2007, by Victor

We created a new wallpapers sub-category, parrots wallpapers (inside animals wallpapers category of course ;)).

Thanks to pandemonium2 for the image he contributed with, which inspired us to create this new wallpapers category. 

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Fonditos, more than 1.000.000 of pages viewed daily

Written in August 26th, 2007, by Eduardo

Product of the last improvements in the site, like Fonditos English version and the change to the new server, we have seen a significant increase in the visits and pages view, surpassing the million of these daily!

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Inappropriate commentaries

Written in August 16th, 2007, by Victor

This option is on the right top corner of all the commentaries in the website and allows every user to indicate when a commentary is offensive and/or rude.

When a commentary is found “inappropriate” the administrators are sent a message to check it and delete it in case of considering it quite offensive and/or rude it.

We sincerely appreciate the help of everyone to inform the inappropriate commentaries and, in this way, get fonditos rid of bad intentions :)

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Fonditos, more faster than ever

Written in August 13th, 2007, by Victor

After a hard and long days of work even weekends, our star Gary has been finish to config the new servers for Fonditos. Now the site should be more faster to surf and we can upload more wallpapers to the site.

To celebrate and to compensate the less of new wallpapers since last days, all this week we will upload six wallpapers per day.

Enjoy ;)

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